Homogenized monthly mean temperature
De Bilt, the Netherlands
version 1, December 2006
Theo Brandsma
Technical description
Corrections have been made for:
  • relocation combined with a transition of large open hut to a wooden Stevenson screen (September 1950).
  • relocation of the Stevenson screen (August 1951).
  • lowering of Stevenson screen from 2.2 m to 1.5 m (June 1961).
  • transition of artificial ventilated Stevenson screen to the current KNMI round-plated screen (June 1993).
  • warming trend of 0.11°C per century caused by urban warming.
Please note the following:
  • the transition of the wooden Stevenson to a PVC Stevenson screen (August 1980) did not have a noticeable effect on the daily mean temperatures; consequently no corrections had to be applied.
  • from 1951 onwards, KNMI shifted from so-called climatological temperature measurements to synoptical measurements. However, the climatological measurements continued to 1970. For the 1951-1970 period these measurements may be considered as more reliable than the synoptical measurements. Therefore, in the homogenized series the climatological measurements extend to 1970.
  • the present version of the series may change as soon as new results come available from the efforts of KNMI to homogenize the temperature series of De Bilt on a daily base, taking into account weather-dependent corrections.
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