KNMI Climate Explorer

by Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, KNMI


The last few years a lot of monthly mean climate data have become available for research: station data (GHCN), gridded observations of temperature and sea-level pressure (CRU) and precipitation (NCDC), and a 40-year reanalysis (NCEP/NCAR). This site gives the opportunity to explore these data and the relationships between them. This may lead to more insight how the climate system changes on seasonal time scales, and empirical statistical forecast models. You will have to judge for yourself whether the data you use are good enough to explore decadal or longer trends. The system is still under development, I appreciate feedback. (You can have a look at my TODO list).


The Climate Explorer system has the following structure. First you select a time series of climate data. This can be either This data is presented, and can then be further investigated and correlated with other time series or fields.

The unit of time is the month. The seasonal cycle is always taken into account..

If you are new to the system, it may pay to study a few examples.

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