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Recent news
04-jan-2023Upgraded CRU TS to 4.06 running up to 2021
30-sep-2022A bot managed to generate about 80000000 tiny files, causing severe slowdown and server overload. Apologies for the inconvenience.
14-sep-2022Fix GPCC daily precipitation and update to its version v2022
06-sep-2022Add Berkeley global (land+ocean) monthly temperature
05-sep-2022Provide land-sea mask for CMIP6 inter-models comparison
23-aug-2022NOAA OI SST V2 and related el niƱo indices are now updated daily
23-aug-2022Updated E-OBS to the Copernicus version 25.0e for SLP
26-apr-2022Updated E-OBS to the Copernicus version 25.0e (24.0e for SLP), and added wind speed
11-apr-2022The Climate Change Atlas is converted to use python3.
30-mar-2022The Climate Explorer server has been upgraded to a new OS.
28-mar-2022The operating system of the Climate Explorer server will be updated. The maintenance window starts at Wednesday March 30, 10:00 CEST lasts up to 2 hours.
14-mar-2022Fix for plots with transparancy (ghostscript options) and maps (updated version of NCL) in the Climate Change Atlas.
03-mar-2022Applied fix for plotting time series with the Climate Change Atlas and a fix for creating country masks that were not created in advance.
01-mar-2022The Climate Explorer is now running fully on new hardware. R has been updated to version 3.6.3. The SpecsVerification library has been updated to version 0.5-1.
22-feb-2022The CMIP6 data has become available on the new hardware and is now linked into the Climate Explorer.
22-feb-2022Updated ETHZ G-RUN reconstruction, now running up to 2019.
15-feb-2022The Climate Explorer is running on the new hardware. Access to the CMIP6 data has not been restored yet.
03-feb-2022Access to CMIP6 data has been restored. This is a temporary solution until the other data of the Climate Explorer has been transferred.
24-jan-2022The CMIP6 data is currently not accessible. Apologies for the inconvenience.
17-jan-2022New hardware for the Climate Explorer is available, but the Climate Explorer data still needs to be copied to the new location.
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