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more information gettextattall: warning: attribute history longer than string 100000 576540 , not read warning: irregular time axis DT merged two satellites Global Ocean Gridded SSALTO/DUACS Sea Surface Height L4 product and derived variables
X axis: whole world in 1440 0.25° steps, first point at 0.12° E, last point at 359.88° E
Y axis: regular grid with 720 0.25° steps, first point at 89.88° S, last point at 89.88° N

1-daily data available from 01Jan1993 to 15Oct2019 ( 9805 times)
Variable vgos (Absolute geostrophic velocity meridian component) in m/s
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Download C3S geostrophic v
Contains modified Copernicus Climate Change Service information. Please read and agree to the Copernicus license before downloading.

Please consider downloading this field from the authoritative site.
If you really want to get it here, C3S geostrophic v is available as a netcdf file (size 10505.3 MB).