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more information warning: irregular time axis Daily OLR CDR Product Ver01Rev02
X axis: whole world in 360 1.00° steps, first point at 0.50° E, last point at 359.50° E
Y axis: regular grid with 180 1.00° steps, first point at 89.50° S, last point at 89.50° N

1-daily data available from 01Jan1979 to 07Aug2020 ( 15226 times) , time refers to the reference time

Variable olr (NOAA Climate Data Record of Daily Mean Upward Longwave Flux at Top of the Atmosphere) in W m-2
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Please consider downloading this field from the authoritative site.
If you really want to get it here, NOAA/UMD OLR is available as a netcdf file (size 2437.98 MB).