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Climate Explorer URLclimexp.knmi.nl/getindices.cgi?WMO=RWSData/debiet_eijsden_ext&STATION=Meuse_Eijsden&NPERYEAR=366 Climate Explorer filenameRWSData/debiet_eijsden_ext.dat Variable namedischarge unitsm^3/s long_namedischarge of the Meuse at Eijsden Ascii global metadata description discharge [m^3/s] discharge of the Meuse at Eijsden, Historical daily discharge data from Deltares, file debiet_eijsden_1.dat title debiet_eijsden_1.dat extended with debiet_eijsden_recent.dat olderfile debiet_eijsden.dat oldertitle debiet_eijsden.dat extended with debiet_eijsden_2017_2018.dat main_aux_file 20191128_012_hr.dat main_aux_institution Rijkswaterstaat main_aux_history user gj 2019-11-28 12:22:46 daily2longer 20191128_012_hr.dat 366 mean
do nov 28 12:22:34 CET 2019 downloaded from
waterwebservices.rijkswaterstaat.nl institution KNMI Climate Explorer aux_file 20200723_043_hr.dat aux_institution KNMI Climate Explorer and Rijkswaterstaat aux_history user gj 2020-07-31 11:55:17 daily2longer 20200723_043_hr.dat 366 mean
Fri Jul 31 11:55:13 CEST 2020 downloaded 20200723_043.csv from waterwebservices.rijkswaterstaat.nl history user gj 2020-07-31 11:55:26 patchseries debiet_eijsden_1.dat debiet_eijsden_recent.dat
user gj 2020-07-31 11:55:19 patchseries debiet_eijsden.dat debiet_eijsden_2017_2018.dat
06-dec-2018 received from Ruurd.Noordhuis@deltares.nl