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daily maximum_hourly_potential_wind stations
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located 8 stations in 50.0N:56.5N, 1.5E:8.0E

AUK-ALFA (Netherlands)
coordinates: 56.40N, 2.07E
station code: 253 (get data)
Found 8 years with data in 1997-2004

HOUTRIBDIJK (Netherlands)
coordinates: 52.65N, 5.40E
station code: 258 (get data)
Found 13 years with data in 2006-2018

HUIBERTGAT (Netherlands)
coordinates: 53.57N, 6.40E
station code: 285 (get data)
Found 37 years with data in 1981-2017

coordinates: 51.77N, 3.62E
station code: 312 (get data)
Found 37 years with data in 1982-2018

VLAKTE_VAN_DE_RAAN (Netherlands)
coordinates: 51.50N, 3.24E
station code: 313 (get data)
Found 22 years with data in 1997-2018

SCHAAR (Netherlands)
coordinates: 51.65N, 3.69E
station code: 316 (get data)
Found 36 years with data in 1983-2018

coordinates: 51.92N, 3.67E
station code: 320 (get data)
Found 24 years with data in 1995-2018

THOLEN (Netherlands)
coordinates: 51.48N, 4.19E
station code: 331 (get data)
Found 37 years with data in 1982-2018
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