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more information HadCRUT4 near-surface temperature ensemble data - ensemble median
X axis: whole world in 72 5.00° steps, first point at 177.50° W, last point at 177.50° E
Y axis: regular grid with 36 5.00° steps, first point at 87.50° S, last point at 87.50° N

Monthly data available from Jan1850 to Jun2020 (2046 months)
Variable temperature_anomaly (near_surface_temperature_anomaly) in K
Full metadata. The associated land/sea mask is available for some operations

Construct a statistical forecast model from this field

Download HadCRUT4.6 SST/T2m anom
(c) Crown copyright 2006, data supplied by the Met Office. The UKMO license does not allow us to redistribute this file. Please consult their website for further information.