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C3S geostrophic u
more information DT merged two satellites Global Ocean Gridded SSALTO/DUACS Sea Surface Height L4 product and derived variables
X axis: whole world in 1440 0.25° steps, first point at 179.88° W, last point at 179.88° E
Y axis: regular grid with 720 0.25° steps, first point at 89.88° S, last point at 89.88° N

1-daily data available from 01Jan1993 to 23Jun2022 ( 10789 times)
Variable ugos (Absolute geostrophic velocity zonal component) in m/s
Full metadata.

Get grid points, average area or generate subset
Mask:   add a mask to the list help
Latitude: °N - °N help
Longitude: °E - °E
Make: average max min set of grid points subset of the field help
Demand at least: % valid points in this region help
helpApply daily high/low-pass filter
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helpApply year-on-year high/low-pass filter
cut-off value years
requiring at least % valid data
helpCreate a field with lower time resolution
New time scale:
New variable: of geostrophic u
Minimum:% valid data
First apply:-day running mean
Missing data: ignore, climatology, trend, persistence.
helpCreate a field with lower spatial resolution
Average over blocks of longitude and latitude grid cells
getfieldtype: please ask the administrator to add "ugos" to the lists in getfieldtype

Area with extremes
Compute area with annual -day average minimum or maximum extreme beyond 1 in 10 yr return values.

Compute zonal mean

Compute annual cycle
Contains modified Copernicus Climate Change Service information. Please read and agree to the Copernicus license before downloading.

Please consider downloading this field from the authoritative site.
If you really want to get it here, C3S geostrophic u is available as a netcdf file (size 13354.6 MB).

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