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AMO hadsst
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Climate Explorer filenameUKMOData/amo_hadsst.dat
long_nameAtlantic Multidecadal Variability index
Ascii global metadata
description AMO index SST 25-60N, 7-75W minus regression on global mean temperature, as in van Oldenborgh et al 2009, based on HadSST, AMO [K] Atlantic Multidecadal Variability index,
reference van Oldenborgh, G. J., te Raa, L. A., Dijkstra, H. A., and Philip, S. Y., 2009: Frequency- or amplitude-dependent effects of the Atlantic meridional overturning on the tropical Pacific Ocean, Ocean Sci., 5, 293-301,
file iadded1.dat
title Difference between iadded1.dat and null
oldertitle spatial statistic of Ensemble-median sea-surface temperature anomalies from the HadSST. data set
institution KNMI Climate Explorer and Met Office
reference Kennedy et al. (2019),
source surface observation
version HadSST.
geospatial_lat_max 90.0
geospatial_lon_min -180.0
geospatial_lon_units degrees_east
geospatial_lon_resolution 5.0
time_coverage_start 1850-01-15
time_coverage_end 2021-05-15
ave_region lon= -75.000 -5.000, lat= 25.000 60.000
olderfile dummy.12.dat
oldertitle time series with regressions subtractief
index_10_title spatial statistic of Ensemble-median sea-surface temperature anomalies from the HadSST. data set
index_10_institution KNMI Climate Explorer and Met Office
index_10_reference Kennedy et al. (2019),
index_10_source surface observation
index_10_version HadSST.
index_10_geospatial_lat_max 90.0
index_10_geospatial_lon_min -180.0
index_10_geospatial_lon_units degrees_east
index_10_geospatial_lon_resolution 5.0
index_10_time_coverage_start 1850-01-15
index_10_time_coverage_end 2021-05-15
index_10_ave_region lon= -75.000 -5.000, lat= 25.000 60.000
index_10_history user oldenbor 2021-07-13 17:56:13 get_index -75 -7 25 60
Converted to netcdf today
index_11_institution UK Met Office / Hadley Centre
index_11_references Morice, C. P., J. J. Kennedy, N. A. Rayner, and P. D. Jones (2012), Quantifying uncertainties in global and regional temperature change using an ensemble of observational estimates: The HadCRUT4 dataset, J. Geophys. Res., 117, D08101, doi:10.1029/2011JD017187.
index_11_history retrieved Tue Jul 13 05:52:40 PM MEST 2021
institution KNMI Climate Explorer
history user oldenbor 2021-07-13 17:56:13 normdiff iadded1.dat null none none
user oldenbor 2021-07-13 17:56:13 addseries dummy.12.dat file hadsst_natl.dat file hadcrut4_ns_avg.dat mon 1:12 plot aap.dat