Apply yearly high/low-pass filter
This option filters all Januaries, all Februaries with a high-pass or low-pass filter. Adjacent months (days, pentads, decades) do not influence each other. This option is rarely needed: almost all analysis forms have the option to apply high- and low-pass filters as well.

Xnew(mo,yr) = f(...,X(mo,yr-1),X(mo,yr),X(mo,yr+1),...)

with f the filtering function. In case of an even number of years the result is centered on yr-1/2.

Note that this filter does not preserve causality, unlike the filters that are present on the correlation pages.

The dataset that results from his operation will be available for three days under View, upload your time series or View, upload your field in the menu on the right.

At the moment only a running-mean filter is available. More filters are planned, contact me if you need one (or better, have one that you'd like added).