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The KNMI Climate Explorer is a tool to investigate the climate. Start by selecting a class of climate data from the right-hand menu. After you have selected the time series or fields of interest, you will be able to investigate it, correlate it to other data, and generate derived data from it.

Some restrictions are in force: the site does not remember how you filled out the forms, you cannot define your own indices, nor upload data into the Climate Explorer or handle large datasets. If you want to use these features please log in or register.

2m temperature anomalies wrt 1981-2010 [°C] in yr0 2020 (source: ERA5). More under "World weather"
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14-jan-2021NASA, NOAA, UK Met Office and Berkeley Earth global mean temperature analyses have been updated through 2020. The ERA5 reanalysis had already been updated earlier.
14-jan-2021After some problems (apparently caused by a bug in the cloud system, not by me this time) the server was successfully restarted. I fixed a few misconfigurations, now everything should work again. Please report remaining problems.
13-jan-2021Fixed security problems in the user identification routine, which would cause the exposure of all users' email addresses.
12-jan-2021The Climate Explorer has been unavailable due to maintenance of our cloud provider. The new version at should work.
16-dec-2020Added HadCRUT5 1850-2018, CRUTEM5 1850-2019.
29-nov-2020Added the monthly CMIP6 global mean ensembles, still unweighted. Fields will follow RSN.