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Historical observations
helpDutch daily data
1901-now, KNMI Climatological Service. These series have not yet been homogenised. Homogenised daily precipitation series are available here and monthly homogenised mean temperature series here
mean temperature
minimum temperature
maximum temperature
min 10cm temperature
max wet bulb temp
precipitation duration
precipitation (0-24)
precipitation (8-8)
precip (8-8) 1910- hom
precip (8-8) 1951- hom
max hourly precip (0-24)
Makkink evaporation
mean surface pressure
minimum surface pressure
maximum surface pressure
prevailing wind direction
daily mean windspeed
maximum hourly windspeed
minimum hourly windspeed
maximum hourly potential wind
     (land, coast, sea)
maximum wind gust
zonal wind direction
meridional wind direction
max dew point temp
mean relative humidity
minimum relative humidity
maximum relative humidity
cloud cover
sunshine duration
sunshine fraction
global radiation
minimum visibility
maximum visibility
snow depth (8-8)
     (somewhat homogenised)