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measured total solar irradiance
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Climate Explorer filenamePMODData/tsi.dat
long_namemonthly mean of PMOD total solar irradiance
Ascii global metadata
description TSI [W/m2] monthly mean of PMOD total solar irradiance,
file tsi_daily.dat
institute PMOD/WRC
version 42_65_1805
references C. Fröhlich, 2000, "Observations of Irradiance Variations, Space Science Rev., 94, pp. 15-24.
retrieved Fri 08 Jan 2021 04:34:08 PM MET
comment Since VIRGO version 6.4 a new way to analyse the degradation and other long-term changes in space is used and described in "Degradation of Radiometers in Space: Application to VIRGO TSI" available at: The difference in scale between TIM and the classical radiometers indicated a missing effect in the characterization of all classical radiometers and so also of PMO6V and DIARAD of VIRGO, which can now be corrected. This is described in "VIRGO Radiometry: An Update of the Characterization of PMO6V and DIARAD" available at: (a publication in the open literature is preparation). The factor for transforming the original scale of VIRGO (the basis for the PMOD Composite since version 42) to the new one is 0.9962133 and the new value is given in the first irradiance column
institution KNMI Climate Explorer
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