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Recent news
26-apr-2022Updated E-OBS to the Copernicus version 25.0e (24.0e for SLP), and added wind speed
11-apr-2022The Climate Change Atlas is converted to use python3.
30-mar-2022The Climate Explorer server has been upgraded to a new OS.
28-mar-2022The operating system of the Climate Explorer server will be updated. The maintenance window starts at Wednesday March 30, 10:00 CEST lasts up to 2 hours.
14-mar-2022Fix for plots with transparancy (ghostscript options) and maps (updated version of NCL) in the Climate Change Atlas.
03-mar-2022Applied fix for plotting time series with the Climate Change Atlas and a fix for creating country masks that were not created in advance.
01-mar-2022The Climate Explorer is now running fully on new hardware. R has been updated to version 3.6.3. The SpecsVerification library has been updated to version 0.5-1.
22-feb-2022The CMIP6 data has become available on the new hardware and is now linked into the Climate Explorer.
22-feb-2022Updated ETHZ G-RUN reconstruction, now running up to 2019.
15-feb-2022The Climate Explorer is running on the new hardware. Access to the CMIP6 data has not been restored yet.
03-feb-2022Access to CMIP6 data has been restored. This is a temporary solution until the other data of the Climate Explorer has been transferred.
24-jan-2022The CMIP6 data is currently not accessible. Apologies for the inconvenience.
17-jan-2022New hardware for the Climate Explorer is available, but the Climate Explorer data still needs to be copied to the new location.
11-jan-2022Upgraded CRU TS to 4.05 running up to 2020.
13-dec-2021The upgrade of the hardware of the Climate Explorer turns out to have a dependency on one of its data resources. The upgrade is now planned in the week of January 17, 2022.
07-dec-2021An upgrade of the hardware running the Climate Explorer is planned for end of December. This should be transparent to users. However, there is some risk of disruption so please be aware. With apologies for any inconvenience caused, The Climate Explorer Team.
14-oct-2021In memoriam Geert Jan van Oldenborgh.

With deepest sadness, we share with you that Geert Jan van Oldenborgh (59), initiator, creator and maintainer of the Climate Explorer, sadly passed away on Tuesday 12 October. Geert Jan's contribution to climate science is immense and he will be sorely missed.
20-sep-2021An upgrade of my data scripts went wrong so that a lot of data had disappeated the last few days. Unfortunately my health only allowed me to fix it tonight. Please report remaining problems.
16-sep-2021Fixed KNMI daily data, Rutgers snow cover and Met Office Hadley centre time series. I think everything works again, please report problems.
10-sep-2021Back at work for a few hours per day after a disastrous round of chemotherapy. Fixed a bunch of errors in the update scripts, apparently nobody used the data that was not updated properly because no-one complained.