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13-may-2021Three DOS attacks from India and Jordania at the same time, running scripts t find standard vulnerabilities at a speed that the site cannot handle. Blocked now but the server did not respond for a while... I hope the new sysadmin can block his automatically using fail2ban in the near future.
13-may-2021The root partition managed to fill up in yet another way. Hope I fixed that too, it should work again now.
30-apr-2021Updated the Atlas to use ERA5, HadCRUT5 and 20CRv3.
26-apr-2021Oh irony... The Climate Explorer was non-functional due to a full partition and I could not fix it immediately because I was awarded a royal distinction for my scientific work and maintaining the Climate Explorer even outside office hours and when ill. I hope I found a more permanent solution than the last two times. System administration will soon be taken over by a professional.
22-apr-2021Updated CRU and UCAR scPDSI datasets to current versions (thanks Nina).
19-apr-2021The KNMI Climate Explorer was unvailable for a while due to a full hard disk. Again. (Thanks Phil)
14-apr-2021The KNMI Climate Explorer was unvailable for a while due to a full hard disk. Again.
14-apr-2021Added an option to put the legend on the left in return time plots (thanks Sihan).
08-apr-2021The KNMI Climate Explorer won the 2021 EMS Technology Achievement Award.
24-mar-2021The expired certificate problem has been solved and the Climate Explorer is running again with a valid certificate. I hope next year I (or someone else) will remember to replace it in time.
23-mar-2021Added HadISST2 sea ice. SST is still not available (thanks Chris).
22-mar-2021Something went wrong trying to install new certificates so the Climate Explorer was unreachable for a few minutes his afternoon.
22-mar-2021Made an error upgrading to a new version of GSL, some daily datasets that are usually kept up-to-date do not work.
16-mar-2021I forgot to get a new certificate and the old one expired. Workarounds: use a browser that allows you to accept an expired certificate or use the unsecured (or even the test server at
16-mar-2021Updated TEMIS ozon to msr2.
10-mar-2021Something went wrong in the ERA5 update, this should be fixed now.
03-mar-2021Made relative Niño indices, without trend due to global warming, the default choice.
03-mar-2021Added GloFAS discharge reconstruction based on ERA5.
25-feb-2021Added CRU TS 4.04 potential evaporation and ground frost days (thanks Paul).
17-feb-2021Somebody in India ( found a way to overwhelm my defenses against DDOS attacks, now blocking that address at the firewall. The server should work again.