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Recent news
25-feb-2021Added CRU TS 4.04 potential evaporation and ground frost days (thanks Paul).
17-feb-2021Somebody in India ( found a way to overwhelm my defenses against DDOS attacks, now blocking that address at the firewall. The server should work again.
16-feb-2021KNMI data is not being updated as the server from which I download it has been taken off-line to check for possible security problems.
16-feb-2021Updated GPCC to v2020 (thanks Stefaan).
05-feb-2021The Climate Explorer has been unusable for a while due to a full hard disk, apt-get kept more than a gigabyte of garbage on my too small root partition (thanks Philip).
28-jan-2021Added an option to the GEV and GPD fits to require the probability of the event to be non-zero even though it is not included in the fit. In heat waves the event can otherwise be above the upper bound of the distribution in the best fit.
28-jan-2021Added an option to the blue/red time series plots behind "view last..." to leave a central range white (thanks reviewer #3).
26-jan-2021Updated the Dutch 8-8 precipitation data to the officially fixed version (thanks Theo).
19-jan-2021Fixed a bug introduced on Saturday that caused the coarse background map to always be selected (thanks Mark).
16-jan-2021Fixed a few bugs in the time-space (Hovmuller) plot routine.
14-jan-2021NASA, NOAA, UK Met Office and Berkeley Earth global mean temperature analyses have been updated through 2020. The ERA5 reanalysis had already been updated earlier.
14-jan-2021After some problems (apparently caused by a bug in the cloud system, not by me this time) the server was successfully restarted. I fixed a few misconfigurations, now everything should work again. Please report remaining problems.
13-jan-2021Fixed security problems in the user identification routine, which would cause the exposure of all users' email addresses.
12-jan-2021The Climate Explorer has been unavailable due to maintenance of our cloud provider. The new version at should work.
16-dec-2020Added HadCRUT5 1850-2018, CRUTEM5 1850-2019.
29-nov-2020Added the monthly CMIP6 global mean ensembles, still unweighted. Fields will follow RSN.
23-nov-2020Added the global EUMETSAT CM-SAF cloud fraction field 1982-2019, monthly only for the time being.
31-oct-2020Updated GPM/IMERG to V06. The good news is that it goes back to 2000 now, the bad news is that it took 10 days to download those 20 years.
14-oct-2020Recovering from a disk crash on my KNMI computer. Some data may be corrupted, please report problems.
08-oct-2020E-OBS monthly data were shifted to 1950-2049 the last week... Fixed.