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25-sep-2020Accidentally also installed it on the operational server, it seems to work well enough to keep it rather than revert to the old state. Please report problems. In some browsers you have to reload the CSS files before you see the new design fully (in Safari, via the development menu).
24-sep-2020Testing the new responsive WMO design on the test server.
14-sep-2020Added ERA5 and NOAA/PSL monthly potential evaporation fields.
06-aug-2020Extended Global Carbon Project CO2 emissions to 2018.
19-jul-2020Added residuals to the trend in the extreme value fit so it is easier to check for autocorrelations and other properties.
02-jul-2020Climate Explorer was down for 2:30 hours today for maintenance, I had been assured it would be a few minutes but it took a bit longer than that..
06-jun-2020Reinstated links to the previous version of CRU TS for people halfway through a big calculation who prefer consistent data (thanks Feng).
05-jun-2020UCAR SLP is updated again, 20CR SNAO series updated to v3 (thanks Ming).
04-jun-2020Making time series plots in the Atlas with tranaparancy works again (thanks Michael).
04-jun-2020Finally added the much-requested option to create an annual series from the values on a given date (or month or season).
27-may-2020Upgraded CRU TS to 4.04 running up to 2019 (thanks Harry).
18-may-2020Due to persistent attempts to hack the server it may be slow at times. Plus another DDOS attack.
15-may-2020Unofficial Dutch precipitation deficit series added.
14-may-2020The DDOS attack necessitated a reboot, which broke a few things. If something still is not yet working properly please contact me.
14-may-2020The last few days the Climate Explorer has been the target of a DDOS attack, with 10 requests per second for interpolated fields that take a minute to complete, coming from about 140 IP addresses around the world. I try to block them manually but may accidentally block valid users or miss a few attackers so that the server becomes slow.
11-may-2020Added the first EUMETSAT CM-SAF field, sis (Surface Downwelling Shortwave Radiation). More will follow as soon as I figure out how to get them via a script.
07-may-2020Added running dispersion to the running moments analysis.
07-may-2020Fixed a bug that caused selecting a region to fail for large fields that are stored in multiple files.
06-may-2020The GRACE gravity fields, Greenland and Antarctica mass anomalies time series are updated again to the present.
05-may-2020Changed the link to "seasonal forecasts" to Folmer Krikken's system to investigate the sources of skill in the KPREP empirical seasonal forecast system, and drought and fire weather forecasts.