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Climate Explorer filenameSSMIData/rss_tlt_sh.dat
unitsdegrees K
long_namemonthly averaged single channel brightness temperature
Ascii global metadata
description operating on RSS Version 4.0 MSU/AMSU Brightness Temperatures, Channel TLT, averaging anomalies over region lon= 0.000 360.000, lat= -90.000 0.000, TLT [degrees K] monthly averaged single channel brightness temperature,
title spatial statistic of RSS Version 4.0 MSU/AMSU Brightness Temperatures, Channel TLT
comment This is MSU / AMSU combined data
references C. A. Mears and F. J. Wentz: Sensitivity of Satellite-Derived Tropospheric Temperature Trends to the Diurnal Cycle Adjustment, Journal of Climate 29, pp. 3629-3646
institution KNMI Climate Explorer and Remote Sensing Systems, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
nco netCDF Operators version 4.9.3 (Homepage =, Code =
geospatial_lat_max 90.0
geospatial_lon_min 0.0
geospatial_lon_units degrees_east
geospatial_lon_resolution 2.5
time_coverage_start 1978-01-15
time_coverage_end 2021-12-15
history user oldenbor 2021-07-13 17:03:54 get_index 0 360 -90 0
Tue Jul 13 17:03:49 2021: ncatted -a units,longitude,m,c,degrees_east -a units,latitude,m,c,degrees_north
Tue Jul 13 17:03:49 2021: ncrename -v brightness_temperature,TLT -v months,time -d months,time
Tue Jul 13 17:03:49 2021: ncks -O -v brightness_temperature
Produced from version 4.0 RSS monthly merged monthly maps for MSU and AMSU using the idl routine $MAIN$
ave_region lon= 0.000 360.000, lat= -90.000 0.000