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The KNMI Climate Explorer is a tool to investigate the climate. Start by selecting a class of climate data from the right-hand menu's (Select a time series or Select a field). After you have selected the climate data of interest, you will be able to investigate it, correlate it to other data, and generate derived data from it.

Some restrictions are in force: the site does not remember how you filled out the forms, you cannot define your own indices, nor upload data into the Climate Explorer or handle large datasets. If you want to use these features please log in or register.

Relative precipitation anomalies wrt 1981-2010 [fraction] in August 2021 (source: GPCC). More under "World weather"
Increasing trend in precipitation anomalies (1981-2010)
04-jan-2023Upgraded CRU TS to 4.06 running up to 2021
30-sep-2022A bot managed to generate about 80000000 tiny files, causing severe slowdown and server overload. Apologies for the inconvenience.
14-sep-2022Fix GPCC daily precipitation and update to its version v2022
06-sep-2022Add Berkeley global (land+ocean) monthly temperature
05-sep-2022Provide land-sea mask for CMIP6 inter-models comparison
23-aug-2022NOAA OI SST V2 and related el niƱo indices are now updated daily
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