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The KNMI Climate Explorer is a tool to investigate the climate. Start by selecting a class of climate data from the right-hand menu. After you have selected the time series or fields of interest, you will be able to investigate it, correlate it to other data, and generate derived data from it.

Some restrictions are in force: the site does not remember how you filled out the forms, you cannot define your own indices, nor upload data into the Climate Explorer or handle large datasets. If you want to use these features please log in or register.

2m temperature anomalies wrt 1981-2010 [°C] in August 2021 (source: ERA5). More under "World weather"
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14-oct-2021In memoriam Geert Jan van Oldenborgh.

With deepest sadness, we share with you that Geert Jan van Oldenborgh (59), initiator, creator and maintainer of the Climate Explorer, sadly passed away on Tuesday 12 October. Geert Jan's contribution to climate science is immense and he will be sorely missed.
20-sep-2021An upgrade of my data scripts went wrong so that a lot of data had disappeated the last few days. Unfortunately my health only allowed me to fix it tonight. Please report remaining problems.
16-sep-2021Fixed KNMI daily data, Rutgers snow cover and Met Office Hadley centre time series. I think everything works again, please report problems.
10-sep-2021Back at work for a few hours per day after a disastrous round of chemotherapy. Fixed a bunch of errors in the update scripts, apparently nobody used the data that was not updated properly because no-one complained.
24-jul-2021Added the dispersion parameter σ/μ to stationary GEV fits (not yet in first screen).
14-jul-2021Added the possibility to make maps of station and field data how much previous records were broken.