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WMO-assessed data sets

This page provides links to the Climate Explorer pages of key climate variables that have been assessed under supervision of the WMO. For more information of the assessment process and a list of the assessed datasets, see the WMO web pge.
Temperature and Precipitation (ECVs) and Climate Indices: fields
 Temperature1850-2018 anomalies: HadCRUT5 median, 1850-now HadCRUT4 medianmore information
 1880-now anomalies: NOAA v5more information
 1880-now anomalies: GISS 250km, 1200kmmore information
 Precipitation1891-2016: GPCC v2020 analysis (land) 2.5°, 1.0°, 0.5°,0.25°, only observations: 2.5°, 1.0°, 0.5°,0.25°, number of gauges 2.5°, 1.0°, 0.5°, 0.25°more information
 1986-now: 1° GPCC monitoring product + first guess (land); only observations, number of gaugesmore information
 1900-now: home-merged 1° GPCC v2020 + monitoring product V6 + first guess (land); , 2.5°, only observations: , 2.5°more information
 Extreme indicesHadEX2 1901-2010 2.5° monthly: TXx, TXn, TX10p, TX90p, annual: TXx, TXn, TX10p, TX90pmore information
 HadEX2 1901-2010 2.5° monthly: TNx, TNn, TN10p, TN90p, annual: TNx, TNn, TN10p, TN90pmore information
 HadEX2 1901-2010 2.5° monthly: Rx1day, Rx5day, annual: Rx1day, Rx5day, R95p, R99pmore information
Temperature and Precipitation (ECVs) and Climate Indices: time series
 more information
 more information
Hydrology and Marine
Run-off time seriesGRDC does not allow their data heremore information
Ocean surface 1800-now: 2° ICOADS v2.5 SST, number of obsmore information
1800-now: 2° ICOADS v2.5 Tair, number of obsmore information
 1800-now: 2° ICOADS v2.5 SLP (sea), number of obsmore information
 1800-now: 2° ICOADS v2.5 cloud cover (sea), number of obsmore information
Windu, v 1800-now: 2° ICOADS v2.5 (sea)more information
Wind stresstaux, tauy 1800-1997: ICOADS v2.5 pseudostressmore information
Wind speed1800-1997: ICOADS v2.5 wind speed, wind speed cubed more information
Sea surface heightCopernicus 1/4° 1993-now sea-level anomalies, dynamic topography, u geostrophic current, v geostrophic currentmore information
ESA CCI 1/4° 1993-2015more information
Sea level stations
GLOSS sea level stations with a name containing ,
or stations near °N, °E,
or all stations in the region °N - °N, °E - °E
with at least years of data
Subsurface oceanThe raw WOD13 data are incompatible with the CXlimate Explorer. Derived time series are below.more information
Ocean heat content more information
Sea Ice & Ice Sheets & Glacier ECVs: fields
Sea ice concentration1978-now: NSIDC Arctic, Antarctic (home-interpolated from v01, pre, nrt)more information
Gravity2002-now: GRACE land all liquid water equivalentmore information
Sea Ice & Ice Sheets & Glacier ECVs: indices
Sea icemore information
Land icemore information